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Currently the events that we will be publishing are:

Commencement 2012

Great Debate 2012

Fashion Show 2012

Commencement 2011

Great Debate 2011

Fashion Show 2011

Tuition Free Foward 2010

Commencement 2010

Cazenovia College Video 2010

Great Debate 2010

Schupf Lecture 2009

Sanderson Lecture

Commencement 2009

The Great Debate 2009

McDonald Lecture Overflow

Theater Dedication

The Great Debate 2008

Schupf Lecture 2008

Caz Forums 9/21/2007

Wheler Conference 2007 Lunch Webcast LIVE

Wheler Conference 2007 LIVE

Commencement 2009 - Broadcast on May16th 2009

Cazenovia College Great debate 2007 - Recorded on May 2nd 2007

The Sixth Annual Paul J. Schupf Lecture - Recorded on November 9th, 2005

The Wheler Family Conference on World Affairs at Cazenovia College - Recorded on September 11th 2006

Dr. J. Robert Greene's Book Signing - Recorded on November 17th 2004

Archives: Commencement 2007 - Broadcast on May19th 2007

Archives: Commencement 2005 - Recorded on May 21st 2005

Archives: Commencement 2004 - Recorded on May 22nd 2004

The Fifth Annual Paul J. Schupf Lecture -Recorded on October 4, 2004

All Campus - President Dr. Tierno Secure Live Event on October 13th at 2pm..2004

Spectera Vision Presentation